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Members of The Iron Hive gym can follow the instructions below to set up the Gym Master Member App and obtain access to the facility 24/7.

Step 1. Download Gym Master App

Step #1

Download Gym Master Member App

From your mobile device download the Gym Master Member App from the App Store (Apple) or from Google Play (Android).

Step #2

Send Login Details

Open the Gym Master App and enter the same email address you used for your membership sign up. Select Send Login Details button.

Step 2. Send login details
Step 3. Open Password Reset Email

Step #3

Open Password Reset Email

A Password Reset email will be sent from Iron Hive Gym to the email address provided. Open the email and click on the link to set up password.

Step #4

Choose Secure Password

Select a password of your choice and select the Submit to save.

Step 4. Choose Secure Password

Step #5

Login Using App

Step 5. Login using Application

Open the Gym Master Member App and use your login credentials to log in. Upon arrival to the facility select the Check In option to gain access through doors.

Step 5. Login using application
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