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A lifelong dream of owning a private fitness center became reality for owner, Sam Hashash, in August of 2023 when a close friend, and then owner of a fitness center, presented the sweet offer. The idea? Turn a boring, outdated fitness center into a cool, aesthetically pleasing space where members are excited to work towards their fitness goals and feel welcome regardless of their age or fitness level.

OUR Culture

We promote a culture rooted in love and respect. Love and respect for yourself, others, and our shared space - the hive. Members are encouraged to engage with one another, learn from each other and about each other, and build community out of our shared love of fitness. We care deeply about providing exceptional customer service and a safe space for all of our members. 

OUR Facility

At approximately eight thousand square feet, we are fully equipped with cardio, free weights, resistance machines, and enough space for a functional training area, group classes and bootcamp classes. We keep you safe by maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and working with only certified personal trainers. 

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